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BHRT Pellet Therapy

We Recommend Bio identical Hormone Replacement "PELLET" Therapy as an all Natural Solution...


Looking for Answers about Bio-identical Hormone Therapy if it's right for you?


Are You Suffering from Hot Flashes. Night Sweats, Mood Swings.... Symptoms of Menopause?


Do men suffer from a form of menopause called ANDROPAUSE?  Are you suffering from Low Testosterone?


The Well Balance Center of Paris Texas holds many awards... but none are as "VALUABLE" as the lives that are changed with BHRT!

I had a bone density scan 3 years ago and was diagnosed with Osteoporosis with a T-Score of –2.50. It was suggested at that time that I take meds to prevent further bone loss. I did the research on the meds suggested and decided that the side effects were more than I wanted to deal with so I decided to see what other things I might try. Long story short, I have changed my diet somewhat (cut all refined carbs) and exercise more consistently. I also started the BHRT. My last bone density test was taken a couple of weeks ago and was –0.60, which puts me in the “normal” bone density!


Springtown, TX

I am on my 3rd round of BHRT and I fell better than I ever have in my life. I am off all medications I use to take, except for thyroid medication, but that dose was lowered for the 1st time in 8 years. My workouts have improved. I did a bone density scan and my bones are like a 20 year old. It was so exciting to feel this great at 40 years old. I am strong & healthier than ever mentally & physically. Thank you so much!


Whitehouse Texas

BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) has totally renewed my life. I was at the brink of a nervous breakdown. I honestly felt I was going crazy with the anxiety, cloudy memory, and most of all “zero” libido. I thought my husband was going to divorce me, suspicious of an affair. Everything I loved to do made me so irritable. Now my family is asking me to slow down. I love it!! And so does my husband!  I love it! I love it! I love it!

Dr. Zimmerman and Staff are the best!


City, St: Grand Prairie, Tx

I’ve been fighting with hormone control most of my life and with a hysterectomy at 26 my bone density had depleted tremendously (even with HRT – Premarin). With-in 2 months of Dr. Z’s miracle treatment (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, BHRT) my bone density had improved 30%!

I’m a believer!


City, St: Grand Prairie, Tx

I am a 49-year-old female. I had a hysterectomy 3 years ago. I was placed on synthetic hormone therapy, both pills and patches, after my surgery. I didn’t feel that it worked well for me so I stopped taking them. My well-meaning physician placed me on anti-depressants. At one point I was also taking anti-anxiety medication for my panic attacks. I wasn’t sleeping any I was experiencing night sweats and hot flashes. I wasn’t sleeping any lost all desire for sex. My husband and I were near divorce. I thought I was losing my mind! I couldn’t seem to focus on daily activities and my memory was terrible. Following a very heated discussion with my husband, and feeling at my wits end, I researched hormone therapy (BHRT – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy) online and found Dr. Zimmerman. I called the next day and scheduled the first available appointment for both my husband and myself. We had our first Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment on March 5, 2011. I have been amazed at the difference in the way I feel. I haven’t had a night sweat or hot flash since that day. I’m sleeping all night and we have more energy. Our sex life is better than ever! We both feel great! Thank you so much to Dr. Zimmerman and his team for giving me my life back!!


Dumas, TX

I am 50 & my husband is 61.

We both noticed we had severe fatigue & we really short with each other.  Our nightly routine was dinner & fall asleep in the recliner.  I had been on synthetic hormones for a couple of years but it just wasn’t working like I thought it should, but I didn’t know I had a choice – a friend referred me & after getting my husband to answer the questions on the website we decided to do the blood work & see what our levels said about our health – we were inserted March 4, 2010 (with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Pellets, BHRT) – within a month I noticed I no longer needed to sit down from 4:00-5:00 everyday, just to be able to cook dinner! Within six weeks he was amazed at how well he felt – our sex life has returned to what it was in our 30’s, and we thought our sex life was great before insertion – now it is super great.  We are kinder to one another & have energy like you would not believe – we are both playing tennis again. 1st time in 10 years and just this past weekend I biked 22 miles!! Don’t wait get your levels check today! We’re constantly thanking Dr. Zimmerman!


Jackson, MS

48 Yr Old Active Male

Below is my testimonial which I hope can convey most of the benefits of your Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy.

I am a 48 year old active male who had no problems with my Libido at all. This is why I was totally not accepting of the news from my primary doctor that I may be suffering from ‘Male Menopause’ or ‘Andropause’ as he further explained it. After all I am still active as a Cycle Spin instructor, swim 1 hr of laps, cycle 20-50 miles when time allows, play basketball, eat consciously mostly and am in good general health. I am also an IT professional which has been steadily effected by outsourcing and US business markets decline, which has a been stressful since Y2K. My primary care doctor recommended testosterone gels then shots. I had initially felt the benefits of these initial hormone treatments but never consistently and had not gotten to my/our goals. Additionally as an active person I was experiencing more fatigue in a new way than just being stressed or over worked. It was at this point that my primary recommended Dr Zimmerman.

Upon going to the first session with Dr Zimmerman it was really apparent that from the support staff to the DR himself, I had been placed in the right place, at the right time and with the experts for my Andropause needs. He acutely diagnosed that the other first testosterone treatments had produced fatigue and loss of mental clarity due to a kind of estrogen backlash reaction in my body. He resolved that issue thankfully and got on with his pellets treatment. On my second visit to him at the 5 month mark he reassessed my needs and increased the therapy accordingly.
At this point I have never felt better since my college years. I have dropped the stubborn weight that would not go away no matter how hard I exercised. My muscle mass, tone, strength and definition are fully back and directly reflect my level of exercise commitment. This muscle benefit includes the sexual organs which now match the libido that I never had an issue with but now is more controllable and sustainable. My mood is stabilized from some irritability along with my energy levels not being so sluggish and mental clarity. My eyes have stabilized after needing reading glasses after turning 40.

I am again the man I always knew myself to be even with age and becoming a grandfather for the first time. With losing weight back to pre-Y2K clothing sizes (to 34 from 38+) and feeling younger, I am better off being a grandfather now than 2 years ago. The final push is definitely owed to Dr Zimmerman’s Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy and his staff. I now get looks from younger and maturing women who give me the look. I now feel myself to be an example of an emerging more youthful man who is aging with vitality.

Thanks Dr Zimmerman and staff.


Jackson, MS

61 year old female

On 12/5/2008 I had my first pellets inserted. It is now Jan. 7, 2009 and already I feel like I used to when I was young! I mean really, my energy level is already up! yeah! I don’t feel weak in my legs in the mornings. My libido has increased remarkably.
I am expecting more but I will certainly keep you informed. Greatest thing I could do for myself. Thanks.


Como, TX