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BHRT Pellet Therapy

We Recommend Bio identical Hormone Replacement "PELLET" Therapy as an all Natural Solution...


Looking for Answers about Bio-identical Hormone Therapy if it's right for you?


Are You Suffering from Hot Flashes. Night Sweats, Mood Swings.... Symptoms of Menopause?


Do men suffer from a form of menopause called ANDROPAUSE?  Are you suffering from Low Testosterone?


The Well Balance Center of Paris Texas holds many awards... but none are as "VALUABLE" as the lives that are changed with BHRT!


Media Reports & The Well balance Center / Robert Zimmerman, M.D.

Media reports on hormone replacement therapy and breast cancer… (VIEW)

The Well Balance Center of Paris, TX Featured in Mature Texan Magazine (VIEW)


Menopause Question

Question: How many women with MENOPAUSE does it take to change a light bulb?
Answer: One!


And do you know WHY?

Because no one else in this house knows HOW to change a light bulb!
They don’t even know that the bulb is BURNED OUT!!

They would sit in the dark for THREE DAYS before they figured it out. And, once they figured it out, they wouldn’t be able to find the # &%! * light bulbs despite the fact that they’ve been in the SAME CABINET for the past 17 YEARS! But if they did, by some miracle of God, actually find them, 2 DAYS LATER, the chair they dragged to stand on to change the STUPID light bulb would STILL BE IN THE SAME SPOT!!!!! AND UNDERNEATH IT WOULD BE THE WRAPPER THE FREAKING LIGHT BULBS CAME IN!!! BECAUSE NO ONE EVER PICKS UP OR CARRIES OUT THE GARBAGE!!!! IT’S A WONDER WE HAVEN’T ALL SUFFOCATED FROM THE PILES OF GARBAGE THAT ARE A FOOT DEEP THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE HOUSE!! IT WOULD TAKE AN ARMY TO CLEAN THIS PLACE! AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON WHO CHANGES THE TOILET PAPER ROLL!!

I’m sorry. What was the question?

Pregnancy, Estrogen and Women

Pregnancy Q & A & more!

Q: Should I have a baby after 35?
A: No, 35 children is enough.

Q: I’m two months pregnant now. When will my baby move?
A: With any luck, right after he finishes college.

Q: What is the most reliable method to determine a baby’s sex?
A: Childbirth.

Q: My wife is five months pregnant and so moody that sometimes she’s borderline irrational.
A: So what’s your question?

Q: My childbirth instructor says it’s not pain I’ll feel during labor, but pressure. Is she right?
A: Yes, in the same way that a tornado might be called an air current.

Q: When is the best time to get an epidural?
A: Right after you find out you’re pregnant.

Q: Is there any reason I have to be in the delivery room while my wife is in labor?
A: Not unless the word “alimony” means anything to you.

Q: Is there anything I should avoid while recovering from childbirth?
A: Yes, pregnancy.

Q: Do I have to have a baby shower?
A: Not if you change the baby’s diaper very quickly.

Q: Our baby was born last week. When will my wife begin to feel and act normal again?
A: When the kids are in college.



1. Everyone around you has an attitude problem.

2. You’re adding chocolate chips to your cheese omelet.

3. The dryer has shrunk every last pair of your jeans.

4. Your husband is suddenly agreeing to everything you say.

5. You’re using your cellular phone to dial up every bumper sticker that says:
“How’s my driving-call 1- 800-“.

6. Everyone’s head looks like an invitation to batting practice.

7. Everyone seems to have just landed here from “outer space”.

8 You can’t believe they don’t make a tampon bigger than Super Plus.

9 You’re sure that everyone is scheming to drive you crazy.

10. The ibuprofen bottle is empty and you bought it yesterday.

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Ask us how we can help!πŸ˜„ πŸ“ž(903) 785-6156πŸ“ž ... See MoreSee Less

Ask us how we can help!πŸ˜„ πŸ“ž(903) 785-6156πŸ“ž

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Kristi, maybe we should see about getting migraine relief here?

"I would not be able to work without my treatment. Fatigue and migraines are gone so thank you Dr. Zimmerman!!"

Cedar Park, TX

Another of many happy testimonials! We can't wait to serve you again soon!πŸ˜„
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3 weeks ago

The Well Balance Center

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3 weeks ago

The Well Balance Center

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Great pic! 😁

Great picture!!

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All the times

"The results that I have received from the increase of testosterone have been wonderful. I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Dr. Z."

M.I., 36 yr old male
Hugo, OK.

Just another wonderful testimonial! Come back and see us soon!πŸ˜„
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October 1st is coming up fast and our referral promotion is ending for the Paris office, but starting on October 1st the promotion will shift to the Temple, TX location!

If you have been waiting patiently for a chance to save $100 and the Temple clinic is the place you go to now is the time to refer your friends! There is no limit to how much you can save and your referral must make an appointment and go to the appointment to apply. Referral bonuses will be given after the referee's appointment has been fulfilled.

Call us today at (903) 785-6156 to book an appointment and to see if hormone replacement is right for you. Thank you and happy Wednesday!
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I used to live in Temple!!

πŸ“žπŸ“žLAST CALL! There is only 2 more weeks of our referral promotion left for the Paris office! Hurry and invite your friends for an extra $100 off your next insertion per referral. πŸ“žπŸ“ž

Referral reimbursement will be distributed after the referee has had their first appointment even if it is scheduled after September 31st. Last day to benefit from this promotion is September 31st.
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